Đầu máy xay bột nước 1,1kW-3kW phù hợp với đa dạng nhu cầu sử dụng

The water powder grinder head is equipped with a powerful 1.1kw to 3kw motor with a rotation speed of 1400 rpm. The machine can grind up to 200kg of rice/h depending on the fineness of the finished product. Let’s find out more with mayepcamviens150.com !

How many types of water powder grinder head  of Golden Buffalo include?

1.1kW . water powder mill head

The 1.1kW water powder grinder head is equipped with a powerful 1.1kw motor with a rotational speed of 1400 rpm . The machine can grind up to 50-60kg of rice/h or more depending on the fineness of the finished product. If you want to grind very fine, you just need to grind longer to make the finished product smoother. Compared to similar small machines on the market, this is the product that best meets the needs of farmers.

1.1kW . water powder mill head

3kW . water powder mill head

The 3kW water flour mill head is a current best-selling livestock product with the function of grinding and grinding dry rice and cereal grains. Just like the 1.1kW water powder mill head above, the machine has the ability to grind dry powder with durable operation, the machine runs smoothly with a high-capacity electric motor, effective multi-purpose grinding ability to help users, especially Housewives save time and work efficiently.Large capacity, work efficiently.

Water powder grinder head

The grinder head operates on a 220V household power source, which is suitable for a motor with a capacity of 3KW for effective grinding of dry powder or water powder. The locomotive can operate continuously for many hours and grind with a large amount of rice flour to make bran.

Water powder grinder head

Learn about the water powder grinder frame

Mini water powder grinder frame

With an industrial water powder machine , people can use it to grind locally available agricultural products to process feed for livestock and poultry while taking advantage of available materials and developing livestock. Durable design materials, safe for users, 12mm case thickness to help the machine operate stably and firmly than other machines on the market.

Mini water powder grinder frame

The machine has a simple structure, so the operation of the machine is quite easy, including the following parts: 1 feeding hopper, 1 crushed stone face, engine, machine frame, and discharge door. So users can get used to the machine at the first try. This is a plus point for the machine when it is suitable for most customers to know the function of this machine for the first time.

Mini water powder grinder frame

Industrial water powder grinder frame

The machine is made of powder-coated steel, high anti-rust, the product is easy to clean after each work. Usually, the larger the machine, the more cumbersome it is, taking up a lot of cost and installation area. However, this machine is different from what most people think. Although the productivity of the water rice flour mill is 2 times higher than the old product line, it is still designed to be quite compact, convenient for users to preserve and store.

Water powder grinder head

The body of the machine is designed in a luxurious eye-catching blue color, combined with 4 legs to make a sturdy stand, ensuring safety when using. The difference of the 3kW flour mill is that it has an additional water hopper to help people in the process of grinding and grinding water powder.

Water powder grinder head

In addition, with a solid block structure, the machine runs without vibration, very safe for the user, the motor system is covered by a box, so even though the flour mill has to work in a humid environment. wet but very safe.

Water powder grinder head

The machine has an open design to help people easily adjust the machine as well as add rice or water during operation. This saves a lot of time because if the mortar is normal, half of the time is spent on refueling.

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Advantages when people buy products of Golden Buffalo

When buying at Trau Vang Dien, what benefits do you enjoy?

  • Due to the factory, the price is not through intermediaries
  • Product quality is always the top priority.
  • Support is still moving all provinces to nationwide.
  • Products are warranted for up to 12 months.
  • All relatives are instructed to use the following products correctly, and for maximum effectiveness.
  • There are regular promotions for loyal customers.
  • Pay only when you receive the product and feel satisfied with the product.

Golden Buffalo

The flour mill head is chosen by many customers because of its diverse capacity and productivity, suitable for many purposes and objects of use. Golden Buffalo Electric is always available at the best price in the market. hdpcgames monitorpapa

Purchase Policy

For more detailed information and how to use and maintain the water rice flour mill, you can call the hotline 0985.486.138 and the staff will give you specific instructions!

The clean rice production process brings many practical benefits to farmers

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